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Fri Jun 14 2024

Express 1-2 Day CPC Repair Service

Express 1-2 Day CPC Repair Service

Are you experiencing issues with your truck's CPC4? At The ECU Pro, we specialize in fast and affordable CPC4 repair services. In this video, we explain how our services can help you get back on the road quickly.

Order your express CPC4 Repair Service here.

If you are having CPC problems, we can either repair your existing CPC or offer you a replacement CPC. Get your CPC repaired today. Fast and affordable service - Call us on 888-723-2080


0:00 - Introduction to CPC4 Repair Services: At The ECU Pro, we offer comprehensive CPC4 repair services. Whether you need testing, rebuilds, or express repair services, we’ve got you covered.

0:09 - Testing, Rebuilds, and Express Repair Services: We specialize in repairing CPC4 units for Freightliner, Kenworth, and Western Star Trucks. Our services include thorough testing, expert rebuilds, and express repair options to get you back on the road quickly.

0:17 - Ensuring 100% Successful Rebuilds: To ensure your CPC functions perfectly, we run tests in an actual truck, making sure every rebuild is 100% successful. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient repair services for your truck’s CPC.

Mail in automotive electronic repair services 

The ECU Pro offers an affordable mail-in repair service for automotive electronics. To have your unit repaired, simply remove the part and mail it to us. Our professional team will either test, repair, or clone your unit. 

Our team has over 30 years experience in automotive electronic repairs. We specialize in German vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Mini. Our main focus is engine control unit repairs ( ECU, PCM or DME). Our state of the art facility has over 30 test vehicles to ensure that all parts are tested in actual vehicles before being returned to our clients.

    Most of the services we provide is plug and play and doesn't require any additional coding. 

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